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NEW !!! CTLite Smart LED Aquarium G3 Generation 2nd Wireless

Nowadays we are hurry for work, seems have no time to relax ourselves , life under increasing pressure. We are tired and bored of our lives. Mad but if we have a clean, beautiful saltwater fish tank to our busy life which will  bring a lot of fun and relaxation. Why not to try???
Be here I prefer to told you something about the led light of aquarium ,it is full-day climate light cycling make your corals are feel comfortable under the man-made light .the special sharp of the lamp make your tank sees more elegant.

NEW !!! CTLite MegaAqua G4 192w Mobile App Controller.

Available on 30th May 2015


ReefLife BioPellets 400ml

ReefLifeR BioPelletsTM are now sourcing a new denitrification pellet. ReefLifeR BioPelletsTM made of biologically degradable polymers, these pellets allow aerobic growth of bacteria which in turn is said consume nitrates and phosphates. ReefLifeR BioPelletsTM states that denitrification will take about 2-3 weeks to “get up to full speed”, and that as an added benefit, colonizing bacteria will occur within the reactor only, and not on other surfaces and pumps. ReefLifeR BioPelletsTM are best used in a reactor where they are tumbled aggressively. ReefLifeR BioPelletsTM are not a specific danger of oxygen level drops (during the initial introduction and subsequent algae bloom) unlike is identified in the other product guidelines.

Available on 4th March 2015


API PondCare AlgaeFix Pond 16oz (473ml)

Effectively controls many types of green or green water algae, string or hair algae and blanketweed in ponds that contain live plants. Keeps ornamental ponds and water gardens clean & clear. Controls existing algae and helps resolve additional algae blooms.  Can be used in ponds with plants !!!!!

Bonus Free Sample API PondCare EcoFix 237ml

Available on 14th February 2015


Pet Life FilterSockTM NL & PP are the most effective and convenient form of mechanical filtration. They remove excess food, detritus, organic waste, dust, and other particulates. Removing these particulates from the water column will reduce the amount of organic matter that produces ammonia and other undesirable substances in the aquarium. Pet Life FilterSockTM NL & PP also help prevent larger objects, such as sand, crabs, snails, etc. from damaging pump motors. Pet Life FilterSockTM NL & PP use will lower organic levels and result in CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER !

Available on 2nd February 2015


Why your fish needs PetLife MTM Series : We design medicine from practical experience. There are many different species of bacteria. You or the Seller can not diagnose if are not a veterinarian.
We design PetLife M1TM - M5TM, so you start from a low dangerous medicine as possible to concentrated medicine.
With this design this enables users with no has knowledge of the medicine can be safely as possible.
Also we were told name and concentration of medicine in order from veterinarian correctly.
You will found this concept in our products.

Available on 8th January 2015


Jebao New DC Pump

Jebao new products on behalf Jecod Series aims to reduce heat and power, while more water volume at the same height.

Available on 5th January 2015


New Prodibio Coral Vits
Coral Vits is a new supplement from Prodibio which delivers healthy coral goodness in a convenient pre-measured vial form. Each dose of Coral Vits is loaded with coral multivitamins which consists of both water and fat-soluble vitamins that corals can directly take up from the water column.

Prodibio designed Coral Vits to be a compliment to the nutritious Reef Booster supplement which is as much a coral food as a supplement, while Coral Vits is a concentration of just the various vitamins that helps corals grow and be healthy. Other coral vitamin products need to be refrigerated after opening but since Coral Vits is already pre-packaged into individual doses so you can keep the coral treat next to the aquarium.

Available on 26th December 2014


PetLife ReefLife HardCoral Salt 20kg

ReefLifeR HardCorals SaltTM is the best quality of our salt mixed, it is design for hard corals such as Acropora Coral, Horn Coral, Montipora Coral, Pavona Coral etc. The feature balance and appropriate between ions+ (calcium, magnesium. Sodium etc.) and ions- (carbonate, hydroxide, chloride, etc.) by focuses to Calcium, Magnesium, pH and alkalinity.

Available on 20th November 2014


MxBon Super Glue Gel
MxBon Super Glue Gel is A cyanoacrylate bonding compound with a thick gel consistency. It is very easy to use for attaching frags of stony corals, zoanthids, and some soft corals to plugs or bases. Use it for attaching stony corals, gorgonians, and other sessile invertebrates in natural positions on the live rock in aquariums. Also for attaching coral frags in coral culturing, attaching frags to plugs and for aquascaping.This superior coral reef aquarium propagation frag glue will prove most affective.

Available on 9th December 2014


Jebao Dosing Pump DP-4 Generation 2th with Checkvale and Silicone hose spare parts at SeaSun aquarium only.

Available on 3rd December 2014


This worked great..all the red slime was gone in just 1 night after that the tank looks great......we love its.

Available on 26th November 2014


Aquatrance Series (AC pump)

Regal Series (DC pump)

Available on 18th November 2014


Redstarfish Baby Bubbles
hi quality
hi material
hi service after sale
but low price !!!!!!!
Guarantee 1 year !!!!!Free

Available on 4th November 2014


New Life SpectrumTM concentrated formula is a new pelleted food for feeding finicky fish which are notroiously difficult to acclimate to aquarium foods.
Using the basic formula as the tried-and-true New Life SpectrumTM pellets, New Life SpectrumTM is even more nutrient dense with a higher concentration of protein. The idea behind higher nutrient density in New Life SpectrumTM being that finicky fish tend to eat less so every pellet needs to count for more of their nutrition.
New Life SpectrumTM is additionally enhanced with a greater content of mollusk ingredients and more fatty oils to give the pellet formula a stronger scent and therefore appeal more to new aquarium fish hesitant about eating aquarium foods.

Available on 13th September 2014


The New Life Spectrum has developed and released a new micro-particle encapsulated coral and SPS food to the market called Nutri/Cell. With the micro-particles being between 10 to 80 microns and 80% of those being under 50 microns, this makes for a great food for suspension feeders and all corals!

Available on 13th September 2014


SunLEDKing Touch Screen Series T40 108w

Available on 19th September 2014


SunLEDKing Sanrise Series
Remote control via Iphone, Tablet, Smart Phone or Smart TV.
3 season, 3 channel, Mix 1 millon colour, lightning and clouds.

Available on 1st August 2014


Soft Opening on 4th October 2011
SeaSun farm Center of plant, coral and marine fish breeding research.
SeaSun farm, 120, Soi Satreewittaya2/21, Lat Phrao, Bangkok. 10230


SeaSun aquarium Center of aquarium's accessories high end around the world.
SeaSun aquarium 53,86,87,88, Soi 9-10, ZoneD, JatujukPlaza, Ladyao, Chatuchak, Bangkok. 10900

- Start selling marine fish for the first time. By use the name "Sea U Again"
- We are the Aquariuma's sole distributor of Thailand.
- Opened marine fish & equipments stores integrated.
- We are the Thaicoral's sole distributor of Thailand.
- Start of second branch. In the name. "SeaSunSandSurf"
- We are the Sea Elements's exclusive distributor of Thailand.
- Opened 4 branches in the same year.
- We are the Evolument's sole distributor of Thailand.
- Collects the 6 branches included one, and a new name that "SeaSun aquarium"
- We are the AquaPharm's sole distributor of Thailand.
- We are the Alife's sole distributor of Thailand.
- Opened web site and sale online, the first shop in Thailand
- We are the Hailea's sole distributor of Thailand.
- We are the OceanNutrition's sole distributor of Thailand.

- We are the Skimz's sole distributor of Thailand.
- Opened the second branch again. In the name of "SeaSun aquarium II eco"
- We are the Prodibio's sole distributor of Thailand.
- We are the PetLifeInc's sole distributor of Thailand.
- Start selling DVD movie disc copyright. By use the name "SeaSun entertained".
- We are the Instant Ocean's sole distributor of Thailand.
- January we are the Reef Octopus's sole distributor of Thailand.
- September we are the Solarmax's sole distributor of Thailand.
- September we are the Aqua House's sole distributor of Thailand.
- September we are the Xwave's sole distributor of Thailand.
- November we are the Spectrum's sole distributor of Thailand.
- January we are the Korallen Zucht's sole distributor of Thailand.
- August open pub live music by use the name "Seven-Twelve"
- September we are the Argent's sole distributor of Thailand.
- November we are the Dazs's sole distributor of Thailand.
- January we are the Debem's sole distributor of Thailand.
- February we are the Injecta's sole distributor of Thailand.
- April opened a new office under the company name "Copco Flow Tech" Design and make about swimming pool systems, large filtration systems & industrial filtration systems.
- May we are the TropicMarin's sole distributor of Thailand.
- July we are the Avipet's sole distributor of Thailand.
- July we are the Aquavitro's sole distributor of Thailand.
- July we are the Jurassipet's sole distributor of Thailand.
- July we are the Furpet's sole distributor of Thailand.
- July we are the Seachem's sole distributor of Thailand.
- July we are the Water Garden Oasis's sole distributor of Thailand.
- October we are the Aqua-Macro's sole distributor of Thailand.
- October we are the EAQ's sole distributor of Thailand.
- October we are the Maxspect's sole distributor of Thailand.
- January we are the Johnlen's sole distributor of Thailand.
- February we are the Cidly's sole distributor of Thailand.
- May we are the Mag-Float's sole distributor of Thailand.
- May Opened third branch, under the name "Best Aqua (TM)"
- June we are the KEY LED's sole distributor of Thailand.
- December we are the SunLEDKing's sole distributor of Thailand.
- December we are the Sanrise's sole distributor of Thailand.
- January
we are the JBL's sole distributor of Thailand.
- May we are the Taam's sole distributor of Thailand.
- November we are the Reef Angel's sole distributor of Thailand.
- January we are the Sharkman's sole distributor of Thailand.
- February we are the XM Lighting's sole distributor of Thailand.
- December we are the GHL's sole distributor of Thailand.
- April we are the Jebao's sole distributor of Thailand.
- May we are the Seneye's sole distributor of Thailand.
- June we are the Redstarfish's sole distributor of Thailand.
- October we are the UltraLife's sole distributor of Thailand.
- December we are the MxBon's sole distributor of Thailand.
- May we are the CTLite's sole distributor of Thailand.

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Last Updated (Saturday, 16 May 2015 17:48)


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