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Wavereef (Controller) Infrared Smart-Fill
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Brand:( Wavereef )
Product Name: Wavereef (Controller) Infrared Smart-Fill
SKU: Wavereef Infrared Smart-Fill
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Wavereef (Controller) Infrared Smart-Fill ฿ 3,200.00


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1) Assembly Diagram

2) Trouble Shooting
2.1 The feeding pump has been pumping water for more than 5 minutes. In this status, the pump will stop working and alarms. Pls reset it to recover the working.
2.2 When the water container has nearly no water, the feeding pump will be stopped and alarms to avoid running dry. Pls reset ut to recover the working.
2.3 When the tank water level reaches the warning high level touched by the max sensor. Pls reset ut to recover the working.
2.4 If the max sensor is installed in wrong position(it is same as point 2.3)
2.5 The feeding pump is broken, the pump is not working and there is alarm.
2.6 The feeding pump is not plugged in.

3) How to work
3.1 When water level in the tank or sump falls down to the Max Low level, the feeding pump will be delayed by 10 seconds accordingly to pump water to refill the tank or sump till the water level recovers to the normal water level. During the pump's working time, the pilot blue LED for pump is blinling.
3.2 When the normal water level recovers, the pilot blue LED for pump stops blinking and recovers to be on.
3.3 The unit has running-dry protection for the feeding pump. If the controller detects the feeding pump's running dry, it will stop it in around 2 seconds. During the pump's running dry, the pilot blue LED is blinking and "bebebebebe" warning is on to remind of the user to refill the fresh-water
3.4 The unit can detect if the feeding pump is broken or not. If the pump is broken, the pilot blue LED will be off and "bebebebebe" warning (when to feed water, the system will then detect aytomatically if pump is broken or not) is on to remind the user to replace it. Press the RESET button to stop the warning. Also, the pump works for only 5 minutes at most each time. In this way, if the pump is half submersed, the system can stop the pump, too sending out warning signal at the same time. Don't run dry the pump for testing!!!!!!!
3.5 The unit comes with a protective optical sensor to provide overflow protection. If the trigger optical sensor is broken so that it can't stop the feeding pump, the water level will be rising to the Max high level (At this time, if there is no protective sensor, the water will overflow) The protective optical sensor works to stop the feeding pump. The "bebebebebe" warning is on at the same time. The warning can be switched off by pressing RESET button.
3.6 Press and hold on RESET to start the pump. Press RESET to turn on or off the power (the pilot red LED will be on or off)

Double Infrared Sensors & Magnet Mount

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