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Ocean Nutrition

Manufacturer Information

 Ocean Nutrition


Welcome to Ocean NutritionTM, home of the world’s most advanced foods for aquarium fish. We have constructed this website to be friendly and informative. We want to tell you a little about our history and our staff, a little about our goals and a lot about our long list of excellent products for the home aquarium. The short version of it all is: “Preserving life and beauty through nutrition”. This is really the main message. If you care about the details, please read on.

Ocean NutritionTM, originally founded in 1982, has never wavered from its original goal to provide the freshest and absolutely best possible foods for marine and freshwater tropical fish. The original concept, rooted in the early days of marine tropical fish breeding and culture, including anemone fish, Garibaldi and yellow-head jawfish, was to duplicate the natural and very complex diet that coral reef fishes feed upon in their natural environment. The task was not easy since our biologists had to find a readily available substitute for the many tiny invertebrate critters, eggs, and plankton that were the normal prey of these beautiful and exotic fish. The formulas gradually evolved over the years, and then were promptly improved and expanded upon as the ingredients became fresher, more exotic and closer to the natural source of the coral reef itself.

Ocean NutritionTM is recognized as the pioneer of “formula diets” and unique in its approach to provide the same Formula Feed in different forms: many are available in frozen, flake and pellet form. This way, the customer can chose what form is ideal for his situation, while being sure he still uses the same main basic ingredients in the food.

Our way of testing is unique. We maintain a central test facility where the different foods are tested on basic quality, palatability and acceptability of the food, but we can not be champion in all kinds of fishes. So once we have finalized the new food concept, we give it to people who are recognized expert breeders in the field. These people know their fish and can communicate with them in their own way. And in most cases, they have huge installations, so the testing can be carried out on a very large scale, in a very short time span. Yes, our feeds are tested by some of the top breeders in the industry, and only if they approve them, will they go on the market.

Ocean NutritionTM has recently become part of the Belgian multinational INVE Group, very well known for its advanced solutions for animal rearing in the aquaculture and agriculture fields. The INVE Group is active in over 70 countries and has production units in Asia, Europe and the U.S.A. Over the years, it has become the market leader in the nutrition of fish and shrimp raised for human consumption. You can find more on INVE on following link:

Ocean NutritionTM headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Utah. We also have regional headquarters in Europe (Belgium) and Asia (Thailand). The R&D facilities of INVE and Ocean NutritionTM work closely together to develop the newest feed, but each in an autonomous way with their particular focus.

Our most important assets are our customers and their endorsement of our products. Some of our products have become a notion in the aquarium field, and we are very proud of that. Our customers are spanning the whole range, being the professional breeders, many of the world’s finest Public Aquariums, the dedicated hobbyists as well as the hobbyist with the single fish. We are proud that our products appeal to the whole spectrum of the hobby - this means a lot to us. We also work together with clubs and organizations in many countries to promote the keeping of fishes as a healthy hobby for the whole family.

Ocean NutritionTM’s philosophy to develop the newest solutions in a very innovative and unique approach remains a core focus which the INVE Group fully embraces. As the company motto reflects: “Preserving life and beauty through nutrition” is the absolute priority.

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