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Aquarium Product arrow Wave System (Freshwater & Saltwater) arrow Wave Maker Accessory arrow Jebao (Wave Pump) Cross-Flow Wave Pump CP-40 (13000 L/hr)(24VDC)
Jebao (Wave Pump) Cross-Flow Wave Pump CP-25 (8000 L/hr)(24VDC)Jebao (Wave Pump) RW- 4 (4000 L/hr)(24 VDC)

Jebao (Wave Pump) Cross-Flow Wave Pump CP-40 (13000 L/hr)(24VDC)
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Brand:( Jebao )
Product Name: Jebao (Wave Pump) Cross-Flow Wave Pump CP-40 (13000 L/hr)(24VDC)
SKU: Jebao Cross-Flow Wave Pump CP-40 (13000 L/hr)(24VDC)
Barcode Link:
No Guarantee

Price: ฿ 4,200.00
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Jebao (Wave Pump) Cross-Flow Wave Pump CP-40 (13000 L/hr)(24VDC) ฿ 4,200.00


In Stock: 2


No Guarantee

Crossflow technology makes the flow return to pump directly 360 Degree without dead spots.

The CP-40 uses a slim tubular design with side-way fins which enables to push the water creating natural waves.
Previous models required an impeller with a bulky motor whereas the CP-40 takes up minimal space inside the aquarium.


  • Each Pump has a 24hrs Timer to set on the working Time
  • For example you can set for the Pump A Work for 60Mins and OFF
  • And then Pump B Work for 20Mins and OFF
  • And then Pump C Work for 90 Mins and back to Pump A
  • Each Pump has a 24hrs time to setup. If you have 3 units of the pump then you can set 24hrs timer x 3 = 72hrs a Day


  • Can make the pump Loop On / Off for every 60mins plus

For example, fish require a rest time to recover at night, or some illness fish state on some rock / sand for recovery, if Off one of the Pump, it can keep for the fish alive again, the customer preset Off time Pump A operation 60 Mins, and B stop for 20min and then Pump A start Again to Loop

Size 29.0cm x 6.0cm x 4.5cm
Thickness 15mm
Super Extreme Magnet Include
Power 100V to 240V 50/60hz DC 2.5A 40W

No Name Adapter 24VDC 2.5A

Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:6

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