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zzz>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Biozym feed

Baiyinmei is a microbial manufacturer with a complete set of microbial production lines, complete quality inspection and experimental equipment. The company has been devoted to the research and development of microorganisms and biological enzyme preparations, using the microorganisms in the environment to improve the environment, and achieving natural and healthy solutions in practical applications in many fields.

In 2009, Baiyinmei first proposed the concept of nitrifying bacteria capsules in the aquarium industry, revolutionaryly subdivided the aquatic product market, creating a new era of nitrifying bacteria capsules , and was awarded the "China Aquarium Alliance" and "Aquarium World" in 2015. Awarded the "Aquatic Probiotic Leader" award.

Abroad's excellent products are exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia , the Middle East and other countries and regions, and have become synonymous with "nitrifying bacteria". Baiyinmei also continued to promote the core features of microbial products and launched a variety of probiotic features such as "microbial ornamental fish feed series" , " baiyin303 ", "Yuanqi water" and other probiotic characteristics. At present, Bainmei Microbial Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully isolated and preserved more than 3,000 microorganisms from the natural environment. It has conducted cooperative research with multiple research institutes, applied these microorganisms to different fields, and received multiple innovation awards. The current application areas mainly include: aquaculture, agricultural properties, animal husbandry, environmental protection and aquarium industries, providing dozens of products to provide excellent and sustainable solutions for the ever-changing future market needs.

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Product Name: Biozym (Tester) Multi-Test 3in1
SKU: Biozym Multi-Test 3in1
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Price: Baht 1,280.00

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