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zzz>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> YiDing Aqua feed

In 1982, Mr. Huang Zhengde in Taiwan to create a "Jiande Industrial Co., Ltd.", is mainly engaged in the production of aquarium fish tank and wooden base cabinet, the production of goods in Taiwan market share is quite high, the products are also sold throughout Taiwan, quality 2002, "Jiande Industrial Co., Ltd." after several assessments, and finally decided to set up in Foshan, China, "billion-glass processing plants," YIDING is the predecessor of the factory mainly for small and large business Glass fish tank production production. Respectively, to spend in Guangzhou to set up an independent shop in the South China Sea and Foshan, covering an area of ??about 7,000 square meters of glass processing plants. To the physical store for sales, advocacy, the main window of business; factory production base for the product, the implementation of two shifts, 24 hours a day production operation for the shop and outside the sales market to provide protection for normal operation. Mr. Huang Zhengde also tried to run in these two places, to expand the Chinese market continue to rush to work with.

"Quality is the life of the enterprise. "Mr. Huang Zhengde the requirements of the product has always been strict in the choice of raw materials, most of the use of imported raw materials, and in the production process of strict control and management of each production process. At the same time in the factory set up quality control departments, responsible for quality management and control in order to ensure product quality. Through continuous training and enhance their own strength, the tripod has now has a very modern production equipment and professional production and technical personnel.

"Ding billion glass" products in addition to local sales in China, but also sales in Asia, the United States, Europe and other countries around the world. And foreign product quality requirements for the degree of harsh, has been known to the industry. But "Ding million" is not complacent, in addition to constant pursuit of excellence and innovation, and aquarium friends hope to join hands in creating the future, a total success.

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Product Name: YiDing Aqua (Accessory) Straight Scissors 250mm (10 inc)
SKU: YiDing Aqua Straight Scissors 250mm (10 inc)
Barcode Link:

Price: ฿ 400.00

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Product Name: YiDing Aqua (Accessory) Straight Tweezer 270mm (11 inc)
SKU: YiDing Aqua Straight Tweezer 270mm (11 inc)
Barcode Link:

Price: ฿ 180.00

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