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zzz>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Seneye feed

our aim

Revolutionise keeping fish by allowing people to dramatically reduce fish death. seneye have developed solutions which allows fish keepers to truly understand what happens inside their aquarium, monitoring harmful parameters which aren't detectable to the human eye. Using a seneye device can dramatically improve the frequency, accuracy, sensitivity, and robustness of water sensing to ensure that fish and corals do not just survive but they thrive. The multi-patent pending technology is completely automated, doesn't adversely affect the aquatic life, is easy to install and simple for customers to use.

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Product Name: Seneye (Accessory) Seneye+ 3 Slide Pack
SKU: Seneye Seneye+ 3 Slide Pack
Barcode Link: 886455001058

Price: Baht 2,800.00

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