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zzz>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kowa System feed

Kowa is a leading distributor of lighting product and provider of software development service. Kowa was founded in 1998 in Bangkok, Thailand. For a number of years, Kowa continued to upgrade its process and product technologies and markedly increased sales. Under Kowa management teams leadership, the company repositioned itself for growth by launching several initiatives to expand markets and leverage its human and technology resources, paved the path for the companys current and future success.

The years leading up to the formation of Kowa were marked by moments of triumph and challenges. Several of these moments highlighted Kowa Japans pioneering spirits. Kowa Japan, of which we are a part, used it pioneering spirit to develop innovative lighting products with the unique technologies , such as Kowa Fluorescent lamp10000K,12000K, which can meet the highest availability , requirements and contribute to lighting products with longer life, better light, more attractive temperature color and greater energy efficiency.

From that point, Kowa grew steadily in terms of lighting products distribution and led the path in innovation by becoming the first company in Thailand to develop and market 10000K,12000K fluorescent lamp. The company provide the lighting products to a wide spectrum of end-users including professionals, corporations and hobbyists, as well as for public and commercial applications. Confidence in product quality gained from major customer is a driving force that make Kowa fluorescent lamp widely known. Until the present, our customers are including hundreds of big and small companies in Thailand.

In 2002,Teikoku , one of the biggest offshore software development in Japan, joined Kowa. The two companies combined their strengths to form software development service department. The acquisition brought Teikokus more than 30 years of experience to Kowa and enhanced the companys position as a leading provider of software development . Kowa provides Custom Software Development, Programming Service and IT outsourcing with focus on providing high quality and ultra-reliable solutions and services to its clients.

Kowa employs many specialists coming from different academic backgrounds and having a broad set of skills and solid experience. Each of the members is a well motivated and organized worker being able to bring a depth of talent and creativity to the company.

In the past seven years of its existence ,Kowa has achieved the status of a reputed software development service provider by gaining immense experience in undertaking and implementing a wide range of projects for reputed organizations in Thailand.

During the past 10 years, Kowa has grown from a small one-product start-up to a diverse company that is the leading distributor lighting products, offering full cycle custom software development to outsourcing support and enhancement. Kowas goal is to design, produce and deliver products , systems and services that not only conforms to the highest technical and standards, but equally importantly, uses the distinctive Kowa culture to create value for our customers and prosperity for our people.

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Product Name: Kowa System (Fluorescent Bulb) FL-20SS-CB/18 (T8 12000k 18w)
SKU: Kowa System FL-20SS-CB/18 (T8 12000k 18w)
Barcode Link:

Price: ฿ 250.00

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Product Name: Kowa System (Fluorescent Bulb) FL-20SS-DB/18 (T8 17000k 18w)
SKU: Kowa System FL-20SS-DB/18 (T8 17000k 18w)
Barcode Link:

Price: ฿ 750.00

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Product Name: Kowa System (Fluorescent Bulb) FL-40SS-CB/36 (T8 12000k 36w)
SKU: Kowa System FL-40SS-CB/36 (T8 12000k 36w)
Barcode Link:

Price: ฿ 280.00

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Average customer rating:
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