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Manufacturer Information



Cartell Chemical Co., Ltd was established in 1993 and we are now one of the world’s largest cyanoacrylate producers. We are extremely proud of the fact that through programmes of research and innovation that we are now positioned at the very forefront of the cyanoacrylate market, supplying both consumer and the industrial market sectors.

Cartell Chemical Co., Ltd has collaborated with the some of the leading research groups in the world and has developed and scaled up technology that now gives them access to the complete range of cyanoacrylate monomers.

Cartell Chemical Co., Ltd cyanoacrylate adhesives range is marketed under the brand name Mxbon. Mxbon cyanoacrylate product range possesses the following enhanced features:
1. Better adhesion
2. Improved curing speeds
3. High temperature resistance
4. Enhanced impact resistance
5. Low odour, low blooming
Cartell Chemical Co., Ltd is continually expanded and now offers a more extensive adhesive product portfolio that utilises anaerobic (MXLOC), second generation structural (MXCRYL) and ultraviolet technologies (MXCUR).