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Aquarium Product arrow Lighting System (Freshwater & Saltwater) arrow LED Lamp arrow SolarMax (LED Lamp) FlexiLight FlexiLED 36w (Suitable 14-20 inc)
SolarMax (Fluorescent Lamp) T8VHO 1200 (48 inc)SolarMax (MH Bulb) HQI DE150w 8000k

SolarMax (LED Lamp) FlexiLight FlexiLED 36w (Suitable 14-20 inc)
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Brand:( SolarMax )
Product Name: SolarMax (LED Lamp) FlexiLight FlexiLED 36w (Suitable 14-20 inc)
SKU: SolarMax FlexiLight FlexiLED 36w (14 inc)
Barcode Link:

Price: Baht 9,900.00
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SolarMax (LED Lamp) FlexiLight FlexiLED 36w (Suitable 14-20 inc) Baht 9,900.00


In Stock: 12


Guarantee 1 year 100%

The Advanced LED System from SolarMax will be more than a little familiar in design and build to current owners of the AI LED from AquaIllumination. That’s because the Advanced LED System is clearly inspired by the performance leading AquaIllumination LED light and this is reflected in how SolarMax designed the triple lens, the triple LED puck and the narrow driver board. What is different about the Advanced LED System is the finish and polish which is not nearly on the same level that C2 dev puts into their AI LED light. Although the Advanced LED System begins by imitating the beloved AI LED, it does break from the mold by having a few options of fixture color, lenses and LED colors right out of the gate.

The ALS can ship with 7 different colors including blue, red, green, yellow, grey, white and black. The lenses are available in 30, 45, 60 degrees and even an oval lens. Finally the LED pucks can ship with all white, all blue, combos of blue and white as well as a puck that has two white LEDs and one UV LED. The Seoul Semiconductor LEDs are an affordable and decent quality LED but they won’t be putting off anywhere near the amount of light as the XP series Cree LEDs of the AI LED. Also, like the AI the ALS is modular and linkable although it is only available in a strip of four or six triple LEDs.

FlexiLED's Controller Time Setting

Day Intensity mode              Sunrise mode                        Night mode

Changing FlexiLED's Module

FlexiLED Connecting to FlexiHQI

FlexiLight Intelligent lighting

The new range of lighting companies FlexiLight SolarMax is a completely new generation of lighting in 2011.

The possibility to choose the type of lights - T5 or LED, or a combination of both as the most suitable for your aquarium. Simultaneously, modular design lets you adjust the lamp to each aquarium from Nano to Maxi.

This approach reconciles the optimal demand for the amount of light the aquarium with modernity. What's more, many variants of the lamps, which can be obtained not adversely affect the comfort and service.

All the components that make up the system FlexiLight are durable, safe and suitable for marine and freshwater aquariums. Mounts are made of aluminum and stainless steel.

Welcome to the statement of the lamp, which is "Made to measure" to your aquarium.


Lamp housing is made of anodized aluminum, and her elegance gives assurance that it will fit into any interior. There is also an opportunity to finish some details such as lamp under color of furniture.

There are several ways to mount the lamp over the tank. Typical links to attach to the ceiling with the possibility of horizontal adjustment. The second way is suspending the arms attached to the edge of the aquarium. Adjusting the horizontal and vertical makes it possible to hang a lamp over the tank with a length of 30 to 80cm.


Seamless tube body is made of one piece of aluminum with a thickness of 1.5 mm. When you pick up the lamp will notice the difference. It seems durable, strong and reliable.

LED cooling is passive and is done by a massive heat sink. No fans, no noise is caused by their work. Nor should we replace them periodically because of natural wear and tear. Undetected failure of wind turbines can lead to overheating and permanent damage to the LED lamp.

Electronic parts are coated with a special lamp electrolytic coating. Also, each element of which consists of the lamp is coated against corrosion and scratching. Thanks are extended lamp life and its aesthetics.


FlexiLight system you can use to illuminate each aquarium.

Example 1: Aquarium circular (diameter 100cm)

  • FlexLED 36 -2 x 36W
  • FlexiT5 39 - 2x2x39W
  • FlexiT5 24 - 2x2x24W

Example 2: rectangular aquarium (100 x 50cm)
  • Flexi LED 36 - 2x36W
  • FlexiT5 39 - 2x39W

Example 3: Aquarium triangular (sides 100 x 100cm)
  • FlexiLED 36 - 2x36W
  • FlexiT5 39 - 2x39W
  • FlexiT5 24 - 2x24W








FlexiLED 36





FlexiLED 54





FlexiLED 72





Brightness: Approximately 2500 Lux (Measured distance of 30 cm though a tank full of water)
Dimensions: 400 mm (Length) X 120 mm (Width) X 80 mm (Height)
Input Power Source: 220 - 240 Volts, 50 - 60 Hz, 3 A
Color Temperature : 5000-20000k
Power Consumption: 36 Watts (12 LEDs X 3 Watts / LED)
Output Power Source: 12 V,  3 A
Others: IP 67

Brand Name : Solarmax
Model : LED Nano
Voltage : 220-240v
Frequency : 50-60Hz

Lamp Type : LED Hi Power
Option 1 12 x 3w White or Option 2 3 x 3w White & 8 x 3w Blue
PL :
T5 :
T8 :
Fan :
Timer :
Input :
1 plug
Switch :
Installation :
Stand & Sling

SolarMax FlexiLED Controller
SolarMax FlexiLED 120 degree Optical Lens
SolarMax FlexiConnector for FlexiLED 36, HQI 250 400 & T5 2x24
SolarMax FlexiConnector for FlexiLED 36, HQI 250 400 & T5 2x39
SolarMax FlexiConnector for FlexiLED 36, HQI 250 400 & T5 2x54
SolarMax FlexiSling
No Name Adapter 24VDC 4A

Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:12

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