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Reptile Product arrow Reptile Food arrow Tetra (Reptile Food) Tortoise 500ml (100g)
Tetra (Reptile Food) Tortoise 250ml (50g)Tetra (Reptile Food) Tortoise 1000ml (200g)

Tetra (Reptile Food) Tortoise  500ml (100g)
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Brand:( Tetra )
Product Name: Tetra (Reptile Food) Tortoise 500ml (100g)
SKU: Tetra Tortoise 500ml (100g)
Barcode Link:

Price: Baht 400.00
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Tetra (Reptile Food) Tortoise 500ml (100g) Baht 400.00


In Stock: 24


Tetra Tortoise

Staple food for the species-appropriate feeding of all tortoises.


  • Contains all essential fibres and is highly enjoyed by the reptiles
  • for natural growth and long-term health
  • contains a multivitamin complex and minerals to strengthen resistance to disease
  • balanced fibre protein and calcium-phosphorous ratios for healthy growth and natural shell and bone formation
  • Ideal for both young and fully-grown green iguanas and herbivorous reptiles
Moisten the cobs with water before feeding. Feed only as much as your tortoise can consume within 12 hours. Remove uneaten food daily and provide fesh water. Certain salads and fresh herbs should be added to your tortoise's diet. Provide regular UVB illumination.

Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:12

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