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Search by Brand arrow Discontinue arrow Dymax (Protein Skimmer) Sawtooth Blade LS-40 (1000 liters)
Dymax (Protein Skimmer) Sawtooth Blade LS-30 (800 liters)Dymax (T5 Bulb) T5HO Marine DM217 39w (Blue 460nm)

Dymax (Protein Skimmer) Sawtooth Blade LS-40 (1000 liters)
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Brand:( Dymax )
Product Name: Dymax (Protein Skimmer) Sawtooth Blade LS-40 (1000 liters)
SKU: Performance : 159 BPA Dymax Sawtooth Blade LS-40
Barcode Link:
Guarantee 1 year send factory

Price: Baht 4,400.00
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Dymax (Protein Skimmer) Sawtooth Blade LS-40 (1000 liters) Baht 4,400.00


This product is currently not available.

Guarantee 1 year send factory

The DYMAX Protein Skimmer is a high performance protein extractor. It’s powerful injection flow rate pumped into the reacting chamber, producing tremendous number of tiny bubbles. The foam collected by the skimmer is made up by protein and other organic compound. These organic wastes must be removed before they turn into nitrate and nitrite. The fine bubbles produces by the skimmer also helps to increase oxygen dissolved and ORP (oxidation reduction potential) level.

There are six sizes for the Sawtooth Blade Series (LS series)

Ø 120mm
H 600mm

Brand : Dymax
Model : Sawtooth Blade LS-40
Max Capacity : 1000 liters
Skimmer System : Needlewheel system
Place for installation : Internal & External use

Bubble Pump Type : Water Pump (included) Dymax PH-1800
Air intake : 180 liters/hr.
Feed Pump Type : Water Pump (included)
Rate of Flow : 1800 liters/hr.

Dia Size : 120 mm.
Hight Size :
600 mm.
Foot Print Size : 120x200 mm.

Cross-sectional Area : 113 cm2
Bubble per Area : 159 BPA

Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:6

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