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Aquarium Product arrow Decoration (Freshwater & Saltwater) arrow Artificial Hard Corals arrow SeaSun DreamMagic (Decoration) LobophylliaBrainCoral Metallic Green LOB-01-MG
SeaSun DreamMagic (Decoration) Goniopora Coral GON-02-BSeaSun DreamMagic (Decoration) OpenBrain Coral OPE-01-MP

SeaSun DreamMagic (Decoration) LobophylliaBrainCoral Metallic Green LOB-01-MG
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Brand:( SeaSun DreamMagic )
Product Name: SeaSun DreamMagic (Decoration) LobophylliaBrainCoral Metallic Green LOB-01-MG
SKU: SeaSun DreamMagic LobophylliaBrainCoral Metallic Green LOB-01-MG
Barcode Link:

Price: Baht 160.00
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SeaSun DreamMagic (Decoration) LobophylliaBrainCoral Metallic Green LOB-01-MG Baht 160.00


In Stock: 12


SeaSun DreamMagic has been established upon the long experiences of the managment in aquarium decoration from japan for over 10 years.
The company started the business producing artificial corals, stone and trees and florals to export to japan on 1999.

SeaSun DreamMagic fabricated reef sculptures and pieces provide a non-toxic, safe environment for aquatic animals and are available in pre-made standard structures or custom made. With a variety of sizes, designs, and color options, your aquarium can look like a customized masterpiece at a fraction of the cost.

-We can produce follow your design.
-We can do GRC (Glass fiber Reinforced Concrete) , FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) and Resin.
-Our products are natural-looking, non-toxic, and easy to clean
-Our products are very durable and will not abrade or peel
will not scratch your acrylic tank
-Our product have UV inhibitors to impede discoloration and deterioration
-They are beautiful in both marine and freshwater aquariums
-New design on 2018 can be metalic color under moon light look like have alife.

All SeaSun DreamMagic artificial corals are hand-crafted by highly skilled artisans who specialize in achieving detailed and realistic excellence in coral fabrication. They are also museum-like in quality and unrivaled in realistic appearance. The materials for these aquarium decorations have been carefully selected to ensure longevity, maximum durability and realistic form and texture, all while providing marine life a safe and compatible habitat. These corals are fabricated in a 10,000 square meter, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Nonthaburi, which allows us to maintain complete quality control and consistency in achieving excellence with each and every piece.

Size : 70 x 75 x 30 mm
Color : Metalic Green (Under Moon Light)
Material : Hard Resin

Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:72

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