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Search by Brand arrow zzz>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jebao arrow Jebao (Wave Pump) SW-15 (13000 L/hr)(24 VDC)
Jebao (Wave Pump) SW- 8 (8000 L/hr)(24 VDC)Jebao (Wave Pump) WP-10 (4000 L/hr)(24 VDC)

Jebao (Wave Pump) SW-15 (13000 L/hr)(24 VDC)
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Brand:( Jebao )
Product Name: Jebao (Wave Pump) SW-15 (13000 L/hr)(24 VDC)
SKU: Jebao SW-15 (13000 L/hr)(24 VDC)
Barcode Link:

Price: ฿ 2,200.00
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Jebao (Wave Pump) SW-15 (13000 L/hr)(24 VDC) ฿ 2,200.00


In Stock: 12


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The SW Series of propeller pumps succeed the very popular WP and RW line.
The SW pump has a different look to widen the flow and also make them quieter than the already silent WPs.
The controller has design changes.
Multiple pumps can now be controlled together in a master/slave format from a single controller.
The controller will communicate with the designated slave pumps wirelessly, and can handle up to 8 slave pumps.
Each slave pumps output can be adjusted individually, while the master pump controls the wave function.
There is also a Feed button and a light sensor to reduce flow at night.
The new SW series has 8 different selectable flow rates down to 10%, while the older WP only had 3 choices (100%/75%/50%).

Product Description
This compact pump is attached to the aquarium wall with magnets and protrudes only about 3/4 inches into the tank, making it very easy to hide.
The pump includes a controller that can link with up to 8 other RW and SW pumps wirelessly, and has several wave functions.
The SW pumps can go down as low as 10% power, or 325 gal/hour, or as high as 100% power, or 3,250 gal/hour.
Each slave pumps output can be adjusted individually, while the master pump controls the wave function.

The SW-15 is equivalent to the WP-40 in output, and similar in size, and quieter than the WP-40.

?Easy installation and maintenance,Fixed withmagnetic suction and absorption tray for selection
? Direction of wave can arbitrary rotation
? High performance,powerful water flow and low energy consumption.
?Adopt wear proof ceramic shaft can be used in a longer time.
?Intelligent wireless controlling system,can convert various wave patterns.
?Low voltage operation,safe and reliable.
? Suitable for fresh water and marine water.

SW-15 RW-15 WP-40 CP-40
Power consumption (watts) 40w
Q max. (l/h) 13,000 liters/hr
OperatingVoltage (volts) 24 VDC
Dim. (mm.) 70 x 103 mm 95 x 120 mm
290 x 60 x 45 mm
Ejection (mm.) 55 mm 63 mm
290 mm
Holder Magnet Fixed
Package LxWxH (mm) 170x220x140 mm 160x230x145 mm
210x340x80 mm
Multi Controller Yes No
Light Sensor Yes No
Wave Box Support
No Yes No

Jebao (Controller) RW Controller (24 VDC) Jebao RW Controller
Jebao (Controller) SW Controller (12-24 VDC) Jebao SW Controller
SeaSun (Accessory) Adapter 24VDC 2.5A (max 60w) SeaSun Adapter 24VDC 4A

Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:12

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