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Search by Brand arrow zzz>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Narva arrow Narva (MH Bulb) MH SE 1000w 10000k
Narva (MH Bulb) MH SE 400w 10000kNeptuneSystems (Controller) Apex Controller

Narva (MH Bulb) MH SE 1000w 10000k
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Brand:( Narva )
Product Name: Narva (MH Bulb) MH SE 1000w 10000k
SKU: Narva MH SE 1000w 10000k
Barcode Link:

Price: Baht 17,000.00
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Narva (MH Bulb) MH SE 1000w 10000k Baht 17,000.00


In Stock: 1


NARVA light sources have been produced in Thuringia, Saxony and Berlin for more than half a century.

NARVA stands for the following lamp components:
N - nitrogen, AR - argon, VA - vacuum

NARVA has been the trademark for incandescent lighting since 1958, and was registered in its current form in the trademark register of the former East Germany (DDR) in 1963, and in the trademark register of the Deutsches Patentamt (German Patent Office) in Munich in 1964, and is thus a legally protected registered trademark. In 1964, the trademark was entered into the International Register (IR) of the Organisation for the Protection of Intellectual Property in Geneva, which enabled the registration in all NARVA product export countries. In the meantime, the number of countries in which NARVA enjoys trademark protection increased to more than 70, and registrations are pending in 15 additional countries. NARVA is now legally protected in the whole of Europe, in the Near and Far East, and in North and South America - practically on all continents of the world. Manufacturers and traders of NARVA products are now able to legally defend themselves against conterfeiting and product piracy, as well as being in a position to provide a NARVA-assured guarantee for their clients on their NARVA products on offer.

The Berlin-based trademark association has owned the NARVA trademark since 1963, which relocated to Plauen/Vogtland in 1993 as the Mitteldeutscher Warenzeichenverband (Trademark Association of Central Germany) NARVA e.V., and was registered in the Plauen register of associations under No.: VR 674.

NARVA is a collective trademark, as defined by trademark law. At present, the trademark association consists of five legally independent companies. Each member company's logo contains the NARVA sign in the respective colour and explanatory additional information. This design makes it possible to quickly identify the industry that each product belongs to. Rights of use are divided into product groups and granted to only one member respectively.

Brand : Narva
Model : MH SE1000w 10000k
Type : SE Single End
Wattage : 1000w
Voltage : 220-240V.
Lamp Current : 9.5A.

Color Temperature : 10000k
Luminous Flux : 50000 lm.

Base : E40
Diameter : 76mm.
Contact Distance : 380mm.
Average Life : 3000hr.

Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:12

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