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Search by Brand arrow zzz>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aqua-Macro arrow Aqua-Macro (Protein Skimmer) Intelligent MDSE-550 (1800 liters)
Aqua-Macro (Protein Skimmer) CurveHang NS-350P (800 liters)Aqua-Macro (Protein Skimmer) Intelligent MDSE-650 (2500 liters)

Aqua-Macro (Protein Skimmer) Intelligent MDSE-550 (1800 liters)
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Brand:( Aqua-Macro )
Product Name: Aqua-Macro (Protein Skimmer) Intelligent MDSE-550 (1800 liters)
SKU: Performance : 795 BPA Aqua-Macro MDSE-550
Barcode Link:
Guarantee 1 year 100%

Price: ฿ 9,800.00
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Aqua-Macro (Protein Skimmer) Intelligent MDSE-550 (1800 liters) ฿ 9,800.00


In Stock: 12


Guarantee 1 year 100%

Concave Cone Body :

New design, centralize bubble, high efficiency,made of impact resistant material

Super Fine Adjustments :
Work DC pump with controller, make skimmer dry,traditional method with hand cannot get such achievements

Burst-Level Proof Mode :
Auto induction with abnormal water level, auto stop and warning of on running.

Night Mode :
Auto night-inducation mode, reduce running flow rate.

Feeding Mode :
Auto feeding mode, reduce foods and odditives waste.

Varible Frequency Pump :
DC12v-24v, safe, energy-saving, low temperature, power-saving, new technology product.

Included Aqua-Macro Protein Skimmer Controller PCW-202

SC Series Specification(cm) Tank Size(litre) Power (Watt) Air inflow (Litre/h)
Internal Base Height
MDSE-550 30x20 53 1800 28-40 500-900

Brand : Aqua-Macro
Model: MDSE-550
Max Capacity : 1800 liters
Skimmer System: Needlewheel

Bubble Pump Type : Water Pump (included) Aqua-Macro 40w
Air intake : 900 liters/hr.
Feed Pump Type: Water Pump (included)
Skimmer Rate of Flow: 3000 liters/hr.

Size : 200x300x530 mm.

Cross-sectional Area : 113 cm2
Bubble per Area : 795 BPA

Aqua-Macro Protein Skimmer Controller PCW-202
Aqua-Macro Skimmer Pump DSE-550
Aqua-Macro Pin Wheel Impeller DSE-550
Reef Angel Float Switch

Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:6

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