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Search by Brand arrow Special Offers arrow KEY LED (LED Lamp) 3 Timer E- 4024-T 75w (Suitable 16-30 inc)
KEY LED (Accessory) Led Lens 60 degreeKEY LED (Led Lamp) 3 Timer E- 5832-T 110w (Suitable 24-36 inc)

KEY LED (LED Lamp) 3 Timer E- 4024-T 75w (Suitable 16-30 inc)
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Brand:( KEY Led )
Product Name: KEY LED (LED Lamp) 3 Timer E- 4024-T 75w (Suitable 16-30 inc)
SKU: KEY LED 3 Timer E- 4024-T 75w (16 inc)
Barcode Link:
Special Offers: This is the final product (Show One) it ready to work, but not perfect, please check before order.

Price: Baht 11,800.00
Baht 8,260.00
You Save: Baht 3,540.00
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KEY LED (LED Lamp) 3 Timer E- 4024-T 75w (Suitable 16-30 inc) Baht 11,800.00  Baht 8,260.00


In Stock: 1


◆Efficient imported LED chip:U.S. Bridgelux.
◆100% light effect:Without any condenser caps, there is no light loss. Besides, the 60 ° reflector can make full use of the light, and make the light focus within the 60 °range, using the light greatly.
◆External power supply box:Low voltage power input ensures the safety, reduces the main light's weight, but causes no additional burden on the tank.
◆Replace spare parts or maintain simply: The light beads are a kind of plug design. The internal light beads are connected by connectors. The power is also a modular design. Both of them are easy to replace or maintain.

Latest version:
three-way electronic timing control
The main lights group,
the blue lights group, the luminous lights group
Setting time group by group,
intelligent operation

Both the built-in cooling fan and the temperature control device
Work automatically

Input Voltage:110v/220v
Max Power Output:75 Watt
LED Configuration:24 x 3 Watt LED(Blue12/White12)
LED High-Power Chips:USA
Total Lumen:3400 Lm
Lifespan:50,000 Hrs
WaveLenght:White—12K, Blue—460~465nm

Distribution of light irradiation (120cm*60cm*60cm) Design of 60° reflector
Focus the maximum light inside the aquarium.
Using mirror reflection principle
No light scatters to the outside of the aquarium.
Ultra-thin plastic baffle.
Prevent water from spilling, and at the same time ensure no light scattering to the outside.

Simulation of the sun light effect, sparkling.
Plug design for the light beads , easy to replace or maintain.
Special chips, extending the using life.

Wide profile design, a wide range of irradiation.
External controller box, reducing tank weight.
No radiation heat source, no influence on the water temperature.

As a kind of special LED light for aquarium, its control system is very important. After years of research and development, considering the different needs of aquarium lighting, we introduce the following control systems:

A. Group-timing-control system - All the blue lights, white lights, luminous lights are controlled by the chip, switching on or off according to the set time;

1. Import high-performance chips, ensure the luminous effects.
The main light device uses high-power LED chips (no need to replace lamp beads in five years; for Cree chips no need to replace lamp beads in seven years).

2. Low energy consumption, more power efficiency.
LED has the feature of high brightness and low energy consumption, so under the same brightness, using LED, power is only half of the traditional lamp. Besides, LED can emit light from some direction, completely different from the traditional lights, emitting from all directions.

3. No heat radiation, more suitable for aquarium use.
LED lamps do not have any heat radiation, even under the condition that the room is 35°C, and the lamps are close to the water surface, the water temperature will not be increased, which will definitely reduce using chiller or air-conditioner.

4. Excellent lighting effects.
60°condenser cap, specially designed to focus light, and the nano-reflective bars, fixed on both sides, are to make sure that the light can focus on the aquarium to the maximum extent. The lamps emit fixed fire light, so the corrugated surface of the water can reflect the shadow of everything in the aquarium, showing natural sparkling effect. On the contrary, conventional lamps can not achieve that effect.

5. Single bead is 3W, no hurt on eyes.
3W-chip bead is used for main lighting and if stared for a short time, the light will not hurt your eyes. (Not like metal halide, even stared for a short time, it will hurt your eyes.) Besides the lamps do not contain any UV light, so creatures and humans are absolutely safe.

6. Blue luminous light, dreamy aquarium.
Seawater dedicated blue-ray is a particular wavelength of 465nm blue light, suitable for the vast majority of the growth of marine organisms. Turn blue lights on in the evening, coral, software and fishes can appear fluorescent and fantastic effects.

7. External power supply, low voltage input.
With external power supply, the power weight and heat can not be brought to the main lights. Low voltages, driven to the main light by DC and with short-circuit security system make creatures and humans are absolutely safe.

8. Thin main light, a wide range of installation.
Because of the simple design and thin main lights, even in the embedded wall aquarium narrow space, the LED lamps can provide long-lasting, high-brightness light.

9. Active and passive cooling systems ensure the service life.
Cooling system consists of two parts: active cooling system and passive cooling system. Active cooling system is an overall aluminum radiator. (Even not opening the cooling fan, the heat can also be completely removed, without any bad influence on the LED useful life.) Passive cooling system is composed of multiple sets of fans, which can remove the heat of LED beads adequately even in high room temperature conditions. Besides, KEY's tooth optical cooling technology (patent pending), completely solved the high-power LED thermal problems.

10. Color temperature can be custom-made, which can be used for both sea and fresh water.
The color temperature for seawater is around 12000K and for fresh water is around 6000K. Our LED lamps' color temperature can be used both in sea water and fresh water. Other color temperature of lamps can be ordered.

11. Constant current driver ensure the luminous efficiency.
Constant current power supply are used in all series of high-power LED lamps in KEY, which can high precisely provide constant current power within the scope of beads, which not only increasing the service life, and also ensuring the brightness. Power supplies comply with CE,certification, exporting to Europe and the United States.

12. Installation variety
There are three kinds of installation mode supporting the main light body: hanging type, horizontal bracket-style, vertical rack. All the three modes are in support of 5 ~ 20MM thick aquarium glass.

Design of a wide profile :
It is a special design for the aquarium, considering the characteristics of the tank. The width of the main light can achieve 270MM, when it working with the reflector, the light can be distributed reasonably;

Aluminum Radiator:
The light is formed by aluminum. Even in hot summer, if it contacts with air directly, it will cool quickly. It, together with a temperature-controlled fan, can ensure the life of the light beads.
KEY LED lamps comply with CE certification.

Why Select for KEY LED ?

  • All KEY LED is using Bridgelux Version. Compare with Other Brand with KEY LED, it is using the same chips, it is no different for you if you using the same chips with other brand. But KEY LED Price is mostly lower if using same chips
  • KEY LED provides the a best mostly price rate with customer
  • New KEY LED Model Fan is no noise, the Fan will auto start over 45" Degree temperature, that mean your room is silent, compare with other brand, the fan will work always 24 hours a days have a sound and easy have a noise after 6 month to repair
  • KEY LED controller is never damage before, controller is 100% no problem
  • KEY Chips is never damage before since it is using Bridgelux Chips
  • KEY LED is using a aluminum , it provides faster method for heat dispersion
  • KEY LED is uing 3W Bridgelux Power Chips, compare with other brand 5W or 30W LED Lighting, it is Lower Heat, save our enviorement and sometime if using 5W or 30W Power, it will make death for SPS if keep the coral on upper side. But Key LED role is provides a cover all same color range on your tank

Brand Name : KEY LED
Model : Three-Way E-4024-T Blue 75w
Voltage : 220-240v
Frequency : 50-60Hz

Lamp Type : LED High Power
LED : 12 x 3w White and 12 x 3w Blue
PL : -
T5 : -
T8 : -
Fan : include auto at 45c
Timer : -
Input : 1 plug
Switch : 1
Installation : Stand & Sling

Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:4

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