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Search by Brand arrow zzz>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> No Name arrow No Name (Ozone) Ozonizer+ 30G (30000mg/hr)(5000 L/hr)
No Name (Ozone) Ozonizer+ 10G (10000mg/hr)(1800 L/hr)No Name (T5 Lamp) T5HO 24w 600 (24 inc)

No Name (Ozone) Ozonizer  30G (30000mg/hr)(5000 L/hr)
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Brand:( No Name )
Product Name: No Name (Ozone) Ozonizer+ 30G (30000mg/hr)(5000 L/hr)
SKU: No Name Ozonizer+ 30G (30000mg/hr)(5000 L/hr)
Barcode Link:

Price: Baht 120,000.00
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No Name (Ozone) Ozonizer+ 30G (30000mg/hr)(5000 L/hr) Baht 120,000.00


In Stock: 1



1g/hr (480 l/hr)
Treat up to 2,500 gallons (10,000 liters)

5g/hr (900 l/hr)
Treat up to 12,500 gallons (50,000 liters)

10g/hr (1800 l/hr)
Treat up to 25,000 gallons (100,000 liters)

30g/hr (5000 l/hr)
Treat up to 75,000 gallons (300,000 liters)

Many clients have a question :
Q: Why did you use a transparent shell, their cost is expensive, and your sales price is low, do you have a profit?

We want to tell everyone:
A: We use a transparent shell, yes, this will increase the cost and technical difficulty, our profits will be lower, because we need more sophisticated equipment to complete them, but why do we need to do this???
We can responsibly tell you : we sell more than just a sterilizing machine, it is more of an art. Many factories use stainless steel shell, because they use inferior materials and low output module, they need to cover their bad behavior; of course, we have very low profit, but we are very happy, because this machine is perfect and we need to share a good product to each person, Thanks;

Please compare our products, the internal structure is compact, but many businesses sell smaller ozone disinfection equipment.
The same ozone output, the same parameters, but their machine shell smaller... Why is that?
It is obvious that they sell inferior ozone generating module, they sell 5g machine, but they told us this is 10g machine, smaller machines space will lead to high temperature, low ozone concentration, poor disinfection effect, reduce the service life of the ozone machine, they have to install some parts on the side of the machine and use glue to connect them, this is a bad design and this is an irresponsible products...

Other businesses selling products: no multifunction timer, no ozone output regulation device, no automatic protection device, no power supply filter, no dry filter, no high quality ozone generator module, no unique design and quality guarantee......But our products have these functions

All products of our company are through strict test, running stablely, safely and reliablely. we guarantee the lowest price to sell the best products and give you the best after-sales service. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or needs, please give us a message.

We produce all kinds of ozone generator kits and oxygen generators :
Quartz tube type ozone generator: Service life is over 12000 hours, it can treat both air and water; 500mg-300g/h.
Ceramic tube type ozone generator : Service life is over 20000 hours, it can treat both air and water; 6g-60g/h.
Ceramic plate type ozone generator : Service life is over 8000 hours, it can treat air; 3.5g-70g/h.
PSA oxygen generator : Service life is over 20000 hours, 3L-60L/min.
Ozone machine: We can produce all kinds of ozone disinfection machines according to your needs.
(Low temperature rise, low power consumption, low noise; High concentration, high efficiency, high quality...)

The service life of the ozone machine is over 12000 hours, what does it mean? (please input the dry clean air or oxygen)
If you use the ozone generator 2 hours/day, 12000/2/365 = 16 years.
If you use the ozone generator 15 minutes/day, 12000/0.25/365 = 131 years.
131 years, yes, you know, 131 years.

Product characteristics:
#1: High-end aluminum alloy handle.
#2: High quality transparent acrylic shell; 4.5mm, laser cutting, laser drilling.
#3: With high-end multi-function timer.
#4: With ozone output regulation function.
#5: Built-in high quality double ball fan; high speed cooling fan.
#6: Built-in power filter; with overcurrent overvoltage protection function.
#7: Upgrade 304 stainless steel pneumatic joint; resistance to ozone, corrosion resistance.
#8: 4pcs high quality mat.
#9: Built-in high quality quartz tube type ozone generator kit; high ozone concentration, output stability.
#10: Built-in filter dryer; filtering moisture and impurities in the air, increase of ozone concentration, prolong the service life of products.
#11: Built-in check valve; resistance to ozone, corrosion resistance; effectively protect the machine.
#12: High quality aluminum alloy frame.
#13: Unique double design; low temperature rise, fast heat dissipation.
#14: Low noise design.
#15: The high-end adjustable ozone generator power; built-in multiple protection function.
#16: Ozonizer+ disinfection machine upgrade 2pcs air pump switch (with lamp); there are 2pcs air pump switch on the ozone machine and the two switches control two air pumps separately; so, if one air pump doesn't work, you will easily tell which air pump was damaged; besides, if you need 15L air flow, you can turn on one switch, and turn off one switch. If you need 30L air flow, you can turn on 2 air pump switch.
#17: Ozonizer+ disinfection machine install a AC digital multi-function meter you can clearly see the voltage, electric current, power, and power consumption on the AC digital multi-function meter; besides, you can set the AC digital multi-function meter, if the power is higher than the value which you set, the meter will automatically prompt you.
#18: We put the timer, AC digital multi-function meter, the air pump switch, ozone output regulator on a control panel; so it is very easy to observe and operate.
#19: Working time: 24H*365Days; it can continuously work for a long time, the service life of more than 12000 hours!!!
#20: Water solubility: ozone = oxygen*13 times; it means that the ozone than oxygen more soluble in water, increasing oxygen effect is good;
#21: Disinfection effect: Ozone = Chlorine *600-3000 times; it means that the ozone disinfection effect is greater than the chlorine disinfection effect of 600-3000 times, it will be automatically converted into oxygen, no residue, no secondary pollution;
#22: Packing list:
(1) Product manual, 1pcs high quality power cord;
(2) GIFT1: 2M Imported transparent high quality food grade silicone tube; 4*8mm, wall thickness of 2mm; For air; Oxygen input connection air tube;
GIFT2: 2M Milk white high quality teflon tube; acid resistance, alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance; For ozone; Ozone output connection tube;
GIFT3: 1pcs Imported high quality circular aeration stone; the diameter of 8cm, resistance to ozone, corrosion resistance;
GIFT4: 1pcs 1/2 inch Venturi; acid resistance, alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, built-in backflow prevention function;
GIFT5: 1pcs Air flow controller; control the oxygen input flow;
GIFT6: 2pcs High-end sign pen; with our company name;
GIFT7: 1pcs Reducer union and 2pcs Fluorine rubber hose connectors; For oxygen input or ozone output;
GIFT8: Free to increase oxygen input function! Free to increase oxygen input device, you can turn off the built-in air pump, then connect the source of oxygen (oxygen generator, oxygen machine) and our ozone disinfection machine; of course, you can also connect the additional air compressor (greater or smaller air output);

Remarks :
Keep out of reach of children.
For aquarium use only.



How to work

30g ozone generator

swimming pool water purifier

Purification time reference table

Purification object

Operation time



Air purification


Start by using

People departure

Drinking water purification


Silicon hose and air stone

Preparation of ozone water


Silicon hose and air stone

According to real scene

Waste water purification


Silicon hose and air stone

Medical treatment water purification


Silicon hose and air stone

ozone output




power :




air purifier Working time:

Room Area (m3)

O3 working time









Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:1

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