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CTLite (LED Lamp) Smart LED Controller G3 Gen2 WirelessD-D (Salt Mixed) H2Ocean Natural Reef Salt 6.6 kg

D-D (Accessory) NanoScope
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Brand:( D-D )
Product Name: D-D (Accessory) NanoScope
SKU: D-D NanoScope
Barcode Link:

Price: Baht 2,400.00
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D-D (Accessory) NanoScope Baht 2,400.00


In Stock: 8


D-D NanoScope

The new D-D NanoScope makes it easy to view corals, coral pests and small benthic marine creatures.

The modern reef aquarium is an enclosed eco system in miniature that with good husbandry replicates a natural coral reef enviroment and as such 'lives'. Many of the life forms that call our reef tanks home are far too small to see with the naked eye and often go unnoticed.

The NanoScope allows the hobbyist to venture into this hidden world and observe tiny marine creatures and natural feeding behaviours of corals. This can give better understanding of long term coral care and how micro fauna can influence the over all health of our systems.

Within the last few years hobbyists have also been made aware of various coral pests that can plague a reef tank and quickly decimate coral stocks. These tiny creatures are often no more than the size of a pin head and are easily missed resulting in misdiagnosis and the hobbyist blaming the losses on their own husbandry.

When armed with the D-D Nanoscope hobbyists can identify coral predators such as:

SPS Red bugs

Montipora eating Nudibranch

Zoanthid Spiders

Clam eating Pyramid snails

Zoanthid eating Sundial snails

Soft coral eating Nudibranch

SPS eating Flatworms

to name but a few.

The NanoScope can also be used to diagnose early symptoms of disease in corals that can initiate Necrotic loss of tissue.

With careful use images and video can also be taken through the NanoScope using a mobile phone capable of auto focus. The images can be invaluable for online diagnosis or identification of unknown creatures.

The images in the slide show on this page and the you tube video were all taken by carefully holding a mobile phone to the NanoScopes eye piece whilst the NanoScope was mounted to the glass via the included flexible mount !!


Minimum focus distance without close viewing optic:   48x - 25cm

Maximum focus distance without close viewing optic:   24x - 3 Meters to infinity



Clear acrylic clamp that accepts standard tripod threads

Close up viewing optic

NanoScope with lens and eyepiece covers

Includes a threaded  flexible mount that screws into the Acrylic tripod clamp and uses a suction cup to attach to the aquarium glass

Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:12

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