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Tropic Marin (Salt Mixed) Pro-Reef 10 kg
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Brand:( Tropic Marin )
Product Name: Tropic Marin (Salt Mixed) Pro-Reef 10 kg
SKU: Tropic Marin Pro-Reef 10 kg
Barcode Link:

Price: Baht 1,680.00
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Tropic Marin (Salt Mixed) Pro-Reef 10 kg Baht 1,680.00


This product is currently not available.

Barcode 0619106105511

The pharmaceutical grade sea salt especially for modern reef aquaria.


The unique beauty and variety of a coral reef fascinates more and more hobbyists. The growing popularity and success of the marine hobby is closely connected to the brand Tropic Marin. For nearly 40 years now, Tropic Marin has provided a true-to-life sea salt of the highest purity. New breakthroughs achieved by marine scientists and by advanced hobbyists, in combination with our own research have resulted in a continuous improvement of the Tropic Marin sea salt.

Modern technical equipment and new biochemical methods have helped to ease the successful keeping of reef aquaria at home.

The use of kalk reactors and additives strongly affects the water chemistry, which requires an adjustment of the sea salt. Only in considering the combination of all influences, can optimum conditions be created that are both natural and stable.

This new sea salt, Tropic Marin PRO-REEF is adjusted to the specific requirements of modern reef tanks: optimized calcium and magnesium concentrations promote coral growth and ease the care of even very sensitive hard corals. With Tropic Marin PRO-REEF, the buffering system and pH-level have been especially adapted to stabilize the natural water conditions and to accommodate the use of calcium supplements or calcium reactors.

PRO-REEF was tested successfully in our in-house research facility and also in the aquaria of advanced reef hobbyists. It forms the ideal biosphere for delicate invertebrates, especially hard corals.

PRO-REEF is produced under the same principles of highest quality as the proven Tropic Marin sea salt:

• Manufactured from pure, pharmaceutical grade salts, free from nitrates, phosphates and other unwanted chemicals.

• Contains all major and all 70 trace elements in the exact proportions found in tropical sea water.

• Production under scientific supervision in the most modern facilities designed for the preparation of high-purity pharmaceuticals.

• Perfect solubility and highest homogeneity of the mixture.



To decide which of the Tropic Marin seasalts are appropriate for your tank please use the chart below to compare the specifics of your tank and count the plus for every sea salt.

In your tank… SEASALT
PRO-REEF Comment
… you have fish and invertebrates with a high food demand and high metabolic activity. +++
++ TTropic Marin Sea Salt neutralizes harmful metabolic products by a strong buffering system.
… the alkalinity (KH) tends to drop below 6°dKH. +++
++ Tropic Marin Seasalt adds hydrogen carbonates stabilizing the buffering capacity of the tank.
… the number of calcareous animals is rather low, so the calcium level does not vary strongly even without additional calcium sources. +++
++ Tropic Marin Sea Salt creates a natural calcium level, adapted to a powerful buffering system.
… there is a wide variety of organisms; your tank is a mixed community tank. +++
+++ Tropic Marin Sea Salt as well as the new PRO-REEF provide an ideal environment for the care of all marine organisms without emphasis on specific organisms.
… there is a slight additional demand for calcium and carbonates, which is satisfied by modest additions of calcium through supplements or by a calcium reactor. +++
+++ Small additions of supplements or a calcium reactor with low flow rate will not greatly affect the water system in the tank: Tropic Marin Sea Salt, as well as PRO-REEF, provide stable water conditions over a long period of time.
… the number of hard corals is quite high: you have a reef tank with a high demand for calcium and magnesium. ++
+++ The new Tropic Marin PROREEF has been specifically developed for modern reef tanks. By adjusting the ratio between calcium and magnesium concentration, a reliable supply of calcium and magnesium is provided.
… buffering and calcium supply is done by high quantities of supplements or by a calcium reactor with high flow rate. ++
+++ Modern methods of calcium supplementation strongly influence the calcium- /alkalinity balance which may also lead to precipitation. PRO-REEF guarantees a sustainable, stable equilibrium and prevents undesirable effects.
… the alkalinity tends to increase to more than 9°dKH. ++
+++ PRO-REEF lowers the danger of climbing alkalinity by an optimized buffering

Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:1

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