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Search by Brand arrow Discontinue arrow Argent (Food) Freeze Dried Cyclop-eeze 30g (300ml)
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Argent (Food) Freeze Dried Cyclop-eeze  30g (300ml)
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Brand:( Argent )
Product Name: Argent (Food) Freeze Dried Cyclop-eeze 30g (300ml)
SKU: Argent Freeze Dried Cyclop-eeze 30g (300ml)
Barcode Link:

Price: Baht 480.00
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Argent (Food) Freeze Dried Cyclop-eeze 30g (300ml) Baht 480.00


This product is currently not available.

Barcode 4011444212504


The Freeze Dried Cyclop-eeze appear as a brilliant red-orange free flowing powder. The product contains no more than 5% residual moisture and is packaged in vacuum cans or bags.

Freeze Dried Cyclop-eeze may be used directly as a larval food in aquaculture or as a feed additive in grow out and maturation diets, as well as in the aquarium industry. Manufacturer Info

Liquid Life USA manufactures its own line of marine aquarium feeds and provides marketing and distribution for cellpharm`s ornamental aquatic products. We work only with products that meet the expectations of the aquatic professional, both dealers and service professionals. Hobbyists will receive value and results from our products. We provide exemplary dealer and hobbyist support for our products, promote improvements in animal husbandry, and where possible seek to educate on the possibility of captive propagation and breeding of ornamental species.


Table I gives a comparison of the im- portant nutrients between CYCLOP-EEZE® and freshly hatched Artemia nauplii from a standard lot of Argent Laboratories Platinum Grade Argentemia.

table I: CYCLOP-EEZE® and artemia nutrients comparison

table II: Carotenoid Profile of CYCLOP-EEZE® at Harvest

table III: Fatty Acid Profile of CYCLOP-EEZE®

table IV: Proximate Nutrient Analysis of CYCLOP-EEZE®

table V: Free Amino Acid Profile of CYCLOP-EEZE®

table VI: Mineral profile of CYCLOP-EEZE®

Analytical Methods Fatty Acid Profile: American Organization of Analytical Chemistry (AOAC) Method 969.33

Free Amino Acid: AOAC Method 982.30, Section
D & F

Mineral Profile: Freeze-dried CYCLOP-EEZE® was minced in a grinder, and whole CYCLOP-EEZE® dry weights were determined by drying to a connstant weight at 105°C. After drying, the samples were charred and then incinerated at 550°C for 16 hours. The ash was dissolved in a mixture of equal parts of concentrated HCI and HN03, and appropriately diluted within the analytical capabilities of the tandem Inductively Coupled, Plasma Arc Emission Spectrograph. (Jarrell-Ash) and a coupled Varian mass spectrometer...

Carotenoid Profile: Chromatography: An aliquot of sample (2.5 g) was extracted in Acetone (2 times, soak, grind, soak) and the extract cleared by filtration through a glass fiber filter. The extract was analyzed by reverse-phase HPLC (Varian Microsorb C18MV) and the peaks were integrated at 480 nm. Mass-Spectroscopy: a concentrated sample was injected on the rp-HPLC system and the carotenoid peaks were collected and subjected to mass-spectroscopy on a Finigan LCQ to confirm. The fragmentation patterns were consistent with the structure of corresponding carotenoids.

UV/Vis Spectrometer: A 1 g sample of CYCLOP-EEZE® was extracted in 30 ml acetone by sonication (2x5 min) in an ice bath. The particulate matter was centrifuged off. The absorbance of the extract was measured at 481 nm to calculated the carotenoid concentration of the CYCLOP-EEZE® using an extinction coefficient of E (1%, 1 cm) = 2100 (UNESCO handbook). All measurements were standardized against U.S., NIST primary standards.

Discussion of
Analytical Results

The data presented herein describe a biochemical perspective of an organism with exceptional nutritive qualities. To date, the CYCLOP-EEZE® present an incredible collection of biological molecules essential, not only to the culture of aquatic animals, but of enormous importance to human and veterinary medicine. The data presented herein omit stability studies for the CYCLOP-EEZE® products. It is clear that the presence of heat light and oxygen are detri- mental to the active biological molecules manifested in CYCLOP-EEZE®. Every effort in harvest, processing and packaging has been studied and evaluated. Argent Laboratories has made use of advanced technology such as lyophilization, vacuum packaging, nitrogen seal and the use of special antioxidants to ensure shelf life

Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:24

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