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Search by Brand arrow zzz>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Eheim arrow Eheim (Water Pump) Universal 300 (1046) (300 L/hr)(5w)
Eheim (Water Pump) CompactOn 12000 (12000 L/hr)(110w)Eheim (Water Pump) Universal 600 (1048) (600 liters/hr)(10w)

Eheim (Water Pump) Universal  300 (1046) (300 L/hr)(5w)
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Brand:( Eheim )
Product Name: Eheim (Water Pump) Universal 300 (1046) (300 L/hr)(5w)
SKU: Eheim Universal 300 (1046) (300 L/hr)(5w)
Barcode Link:
Guarantee 3 year send factory

Price: Baht 3,200.00
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Eheim (Water Pump) Universal 300 (1046) (300 L/hr)(5w) Baht 3,200.00


In Stock: 11


Barcode 4011708102930

Guarantee 3 year send factory

EHEIM universal pumps offer a large performance spectrum and a wide variety of uses. They are very reliable equipment offering exceptionally long service life. They can be used inside or out of water. The integrated prefilter, safe hose connections, a variety of connections and fixings, but above all their absolute reliability make the EHEIM universal pumps very popular. They are frequently used in a professional environment e.g. in breeding units and in zoos.

There are 5 models with output levels from 300 u to 3400 l/h., each with a choice of 1,5 m (Indoor) or 10 m (Outdoor) cable. Also there is a flexible hobby pump with 270 l/h. output (see below).

Benefits of the EHEIM universal pumps

  • Large performance spectrum, developed for long service life
  • Usage in/under water or outside the water
  • Hermetically moulded motor guarantees guarantee complete safety
  • Integrated prefilter protects the impeller from any drawn in particles and ensures longer service life
  • Inlet connectors for safe hose connection
  • Use of smart accessories; (e.g. InstallationsSET 2) can be attached to the outlet connector
  • A variety of fixing possibilities (mounting plate included)
  • All models with a choice of 1,5 m. (Indoor) or 10 m. (Outdoor) cable (Option)

EHEIM universal 300

EAN 4011708102930
Article No. 1046219
UPC (-)
Pump power per hour at 50 Hz of 300.00 l
Pumping head at 50 Hz approx. (H max) 1.20 m
Power at 50 Hz of 5.00 watt
Width 146.00 mm
Height 103.00 mm
Depth 75.00 mm
Hose Ø suction side 13.00 mm
Thread Ø suction side 3/8 "
Hose Ø pressure side 11.00 mm
Thread Ø pressure side 1/8 "
voltage 230 volt
Frequency 50 Hz
Standard power plug D
Cable length 150 cm
Packing 1 Part (s)
Packing dimensions(Width) 21.00 cm
Packing dimensions(Height) 10.00 cm
Packing dimensions(Depth) 15.00 cm
Freshwater yes
Sea water yes

Brand : Eheim
Model :
Universal 300 1046
Voltage : 220-240V
Frequenct : 50-60Hz
Working Current : 0.30A
Working Watt : 5w

Flow Max : 300 liters/hr.
Hight Max : 1.2m.
Place for installation : internal & external use

Size : 75x103x146 mm.

Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:12

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