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Search by Brand arrow zzz>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sankyo Denki arrow Sankyo Denki (UVC Bulb) Germicidal Lamp 40w T10
Sankyo Denki (UVC Bulb) Germicidal Lamp 30w T8Sanrise (Led Lamp) AquaLover 39w (Suitable 24-28 inc)

Sankyo Denki (UVC Bulb) Germicidal Lamp 40w T10
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Brand:( Sankyo Denki )
Product Name: Sankyo Denki (UVC Bulb) Germicidal Lamp 40w T10
SKU: Sankyo Denki Germicidal Lamp 40w T10
Barcode Link:

Price: ฿ 1,080.00
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Sankyo Denki (UVC Bulb) Germicidal Lamp 40w T10 ฿ 1,080.00


In Stock: 6


Barcode 048023362A404

Germicidal lamps effciently emit a large amount of ultraviolet rays 253.7nm (nanometers) which have excellent germicidal effect.

These lamps have structures and electrical characteristics similar to those of general fluorescent lamps used for illumination but use ultraviolet ray glass which efficiently transmits ultraviolet rays at 253.7nm.

A large selection is available with different sizes, shapes and ultraviolet ray output so that the most appropriate one can be selected according to the purpose.

The lamps are primarily useful for sterilization of air, the surfaces of various materials and water or liquid.

Ballasts and glow starters used for general fluorecent lamps can be used for germicidal lamps of this type. However, special ballasts are required for G25T8, GTL2 and GTL3.

WARNING The radiation of those lamps is harmful to eyes and skin. Protect your eyes and your skin against the ultraviolet rays.

Specification Information
Watts :
Bulb :
Base :
Effective Life :
8000 hrs.
UV Output :
Glass :
Ozone Free :
Starter :

Size of Face to face Length : 47.16 inc.
Size of Radiation Length : 46.46 inc.

Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:10

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