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Aquarium Product arrow Conditioner (Freshwater & Saltwater) arrow New Setup arrow Prodibio (Conditioner) Aqua' Betta Box (12x1ml)
Prodibio (Co2 System) Carbon-Liq 250mlProdibio (Conditioner) Aqua' Gold Box (12x1ml)

Prodibio (Conditioner) Aqua' Betta Box (12x1ml)
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Brand:( Prodibio )
Product Name: Prodibio (Conditioner) Aqua' Betta Box (12x1ml)
SKU: Prodibio Aqua' Betta Box (12x1ml)
Barcode Link:

Price: ฿ 380.00
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Prodibio (Conditioner) Aqua' Betta Box (12x1ml) ฿ 380.00


In Stock: 2


Barcode 3594200006407

Products for Bettas

Bett'Activ is a forrmula which is specifically adapted to Betta fish. BettActiv improves tap water quality, favors fish acclimatization and contributes to the fish well-being.
Bett'Activ is packaged in a box of 12 vials, one single vial treats from 0 to 30 liters (7.5 gallons).
Bett'Activ therefore contains 12 treatments to use after starting up a tank and every water change. A box will treat up to 360 liters (90 gallons).

Aqua'Betta combines 2 different products: Bett'Activ (same as above) and Aqua'Bacter, bacteria specifically selected for cold water.
Aqua'Betta is different from BettActiv alone because it targets end-users who have set up a biological filtration system for their Betta. One vial of each product treats from 0 to 30 liters (7.5 gallons).
Aqua'Betta therefore contains 6 treatments to use after starting up a tank and after each water change. A box will treat up to 180 liters (45 gallons).

Aqua'Betta, water conditioner and bacteria for Bettas

Aqua'Betta combines a water conditioner and bacteria in the same box in order to deliver the best water quality for your Bettas in cold water.

Aqua'Betta - water conditioner and bacteria for Bettas aquarium
Aqua'Betta - 12 vials
Aqua'Betta - 12 vials


  • CombinesBett'Activ et Aqua'Bacter
  • One 12 vials box treats up to 180liters (6 water changes)
  • Bett'Activ:
    - adaptstap water
    - favours acclimatization of Bettas in their aquarium
    - contributes the well-being of Bettas
  • Aqua'Bacter:
    - c
    omposed of live bacterial strains adapted to cold water
    - ensures an optimal bilogical filtration
    - prevents the spread of filamentous algae
    - contributes to the degradation of fish waste in cold wateraquarium
    - nitrates and nitrites (dangerous for Bettas)are reduced

When should Aqua'Betta be used?

  • When starting a cold water aquarium, use Aqua'Betta to prepare tap water
  • When doing a water change use Aqua'Betta to prepare tap water

How to use Aqua'Betta?

Aquarium size Dosage
0 - 30 liters 1Bett'Activ & 1 Aqua'Bacter
31 - 60 liters 2 Bett'Activ &2 Aqua'Bacter
61 - 90 liters 3Bett'Activ &3 Aqua'Bacter

Prodibio Betta' Activ Box

Number pieces in packaging:12
Number pieces in box:12

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