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Search by Brand arrow zzz>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sanrise arrow Spectra (Led Lamp) AquaKnight M029 27w Reef (Suitable 12-20 inc)
Spectra (Led Lamp) AquaHelios M018 R 90 360w Wifi Reef (Suitable 36-48 inc)Spectra (LED Lamp) AquaKnight V2 36w (Suitable 12-24 inc)

Spectra (Led Lamp) AquaKnight M029 27w Reef (Suitable 12-20 inc)
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Brand:( Spectra )
Product Name: Spectra (Led Lamp) AquaKnight M029 27w Reef (Suitable 12-20 inc)
SKU: Spectra AquaKnight M029 27w Reef (12 inc)
Barcode Link:
Guarantee 1 year 100%

Price: ฿ 2,800.00
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Spectra (Led Lamp) AquaKnight M029 27w Reef (Suitable 12-20 inc) ฿ 2,800.00


This product is currently not available.

Guarantee 1 year 100%

AquaKnight LED Aquariums Light
Black armour not just be cool !!!! Design for Nano, Professional led layout,display corals' color well and grow coral well.
Product features:
Colorful spectrum
Cree LED
Fashionable design
Touch control function
Intelligent temperature control system
Adjustable bracket
Simple installation
Two channels to control light intensity
Designed for marine tank specially
Product parameter:
LED brand CREE Dimention 220X110X30mm
LEDs quantity 9 pcs Suitable for 30~50cm
Single LED wattage 3 W Shell material E-Plastic
Max power 30 W Shell color Black
Input voltage 100-240VAC Working temperature 0? to 40?
Working frequency 50/60Hz Storage temperature -10? to 50?


Professional led layout,display corals'color well and grow coral well,Strong penetrating power,soft mixed color effect,good corals'colar display and great corla growth effect.


Aqua Knight uses 3W/5W high-power Cree leds

Aqua Knight uses customed mould---90three-in-one lens

High-power led has much stronger penetrating power than SMD lamp beads? With high-power Cree leds of Aqua Knight.

the corals'real color can be displayed very well and the corals'growth can be much better even compare with other famous brand led light in the market.

Radiator System

Aqua Knight is equiped with intelligent temperature control fans.When the temperature reaches 38 degree,the fans will work and run faster or slowlier according to different temperature.

It is a reasonable radiator system design that wind gets in from the top of the light and gets out from right and left side of the light.With
smart temperature control fan system,it not only controls the temperature of light well,but also keep the light working quiet and extend its life span

Brand Name : Spectra
Model : AquaKnight 27w Reef
Voltage : 220-240v
Frequency : 50-60Hz

Lamp Type: LED High Power

CH A : (Cree)
CH B : w Deep Blue 455nm-470nm (Cree) w Actinic Blue 420nm-440nm (Cree)
PL :
T5 :
T8 :
Fan :
Timer :
1 plugs
Switch :
Installation :

Sanrise AquaLover Controller
No Name Adapter 24VDC 4A

Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:10

Customer Reviews:

chefadam  (Monday, 20 June 2016)
Rating: 5
Great little light. No rust after a couple months. Great for the refugium, or a bit overkill but looks great.

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