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Aquarium Product arrow Lighting System (Freshwater & Saltwater) arrow LED Lamp arrow Spectra (Led Lamp) Sphere M031 Wifi Reef (Suitable 5-24 inc)
Spectra (LED Lamp) AquaKnight V2 36w (Suitable 12-24 inc)Spectrum (Shrimp Food) Crustacean Formula 150ml (70g)

Spectra (Led Lamp) Sphere M031 Wifi Reef (Suitable 5-24 inc)
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Brand:( Spectra )
Product Name: Spectra (Led Lamp) Sphere M031 Wifi Reef (Suitable 5-24 inc)
SKU: Spectra Sphere M031 100w Wifi Reef (5 inc)
Barcode Link:

Price: ฿ 11,800.00
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Spectra (Led Lamp) Sphere M031 Wifi Reef (Suitable 5-24 inc) ฿ 11,800.00


In Stock: 1


Guarantee 1 year 100%

Spectra Sphere MO31 Wifi Reef

Novel spherical design, simple and beautiful appearance. Wirelessly controllable through the software and support multiple units control.

Product Features:
High efficient Cree LEDs
6 channels Wi-Fi control
Self-developed dimming technology from SANRISER
Support rack mounting and hanging kits (Both are included)
Support the control via iOS, Android and Windows systems
Intelligent temperature control fans with low noise and long life span
Up to 24 programmable time period, perfect simulation effect of sunrise and sunset
A swanky spherical form, with professional glossy finish and great colored accents
Wirelessly controllable through the SANRISER software and support multiple units control
20 high efficiency 5w diodes which are grouped together behind a custom lens
Cluster for optimal blending of LED colors

LED Layout:
Schematic Diagram of Rack Mounting:
Channel A : Cree White 5pcs
Channel B : Cree Royal blue 5pcs
Channel C : Cree Blue 5pcs
Channel D : Epileds Violet 3pcs
Channel E : Cree Red 1pcs
Channel F : Cree Green 1pcs
WiFi Control:
Multiple units control

Product parameter:
LED Quantity
20 pcs Input 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
LED Wattage
100 W Working Temperrature
0? to 40?
For Tank
30~60 CM
Shell Material
Plastic Shell

1. Wifi System Download

Loading Our App (Asian Design)
A) Go to "App Store" for IOS , "Play Store" for Android
B) Search "sanrise"
C) click "install"

2. Wi-Fi Connecting

A) Power on the lighting.
B) Connect your phone with lighting.
--- Go to "Settings" on your phone and click at Wi-Fi
--- Choose a network "SanRise-xxxx"
--- Password is " 12345678 " and click join
C) Control your lighting
--- Go to "Our App"
--- You will see IP of lighting and can control maximum 6 sets together.
--- Enjoy your lighting.

Your lighting will be never out trend.

Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:10

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