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Prodibio (Co2 System) Carbon-Liq 250mlProdibio (Conditioner) Aqua' Betta Box (12x1ml)

Prodibio (Conditioner) Alka Reef  10ml
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Brand:( Prodibio )
Product Name: Prodibio (Conditioner) Alka Reef+ 10ml
SKU: Prodibio Alka Reef+ 10ml
Barcode Link:

Price: Baht 100.00
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Prodibio (Conditioner) Alka Reef+ 10ml Baht 100.00


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Alka_Reef+, alkalinity maintenance for reef aquariums

Prodibio - Alka_Reef +, alkalinity maintenance

Alka_Reef+ maintains optimum levels of alkalinity in reef aquariums by supplying carbonate ions.

Prodibio - Alka_Reef +, alkalinity maintenance

Alka_Reef+ information

  • Helps to reduce the unwanted pH variations
  • Contains carbonate ions to maintain your aquarium at its optimum alkalinity level
  • It works with Calci_Reef+, a calcium hydro-gel that slowly releases hydrogen carbonate ions into the water.
  • Alka_Reef+ is gluconate free
  • In addition to carbonate ions (with Calci_Reef +), the calcification reaction also uses up calcium

When should Alka_Reef+ be used ?

  • When you have unwanted pH variations in your saltwater aquarium
  • The combination of Alka_Reef+ and Calci_Reef+ generates an ionic balance close to that of natural sea water in your tank
  • We therefore recommend that you add one ampoule of Calci_Reef+

How to use Alka_Reef+ ?

What volume ? What range ? What dosage for each product ?
0 to 120 liters Standard 2 vials / week
121 to 240 liters Standard 4 vials / week
241 to 360 liters Standard 6 vials / week
361 to 480 liters Standard 8 vials / week
481 to 600 liters Standard 10 vials / week
601 to ... ... liters Standard add 1 vial every 120 liters

Nevertheless it is important to regularly measure the alkalinity decrease in your aquarium, and to reasjust it around 2.5-4.0 meq/L (or 125-200 ppm) de CaCo3, or 7.0-11.2 dHK

One vial of AlkaReef+ contains 1050mg carbonate (which equals 35 meq/L, 1750ppm CaCo3 or 98 dKH) But on top of carbonates, the calcification reaction also uses up calcium. Therefore it is recommended to add one vial of CalciReef+ for every two vias of AlkaReef+ you use.

The easiest way to dose AlkaReef+ is to set its quantity according to the aquarium's calcium needs. Add two vials of AlkaReef+ for every via of CalciReef+ used (each one will progressively liberate 15 meq/L, or 750ppm CaCo3 or 42 dKH) All together, the three vials will add 85 meq/L, or 4250ppm CaCo3, or 238 dKH.

For example, If your aquarium contain 200L (50 gal) , adding these three vials will raise the alkalinity by 0.43 meq/L or 21.3 ppm CaCo3, or 1.2 dKH.

NB: You have to wait 1/2 h before adding Alka_Reef+ and Calci_Reef+

Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:10

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