News of Korallen-Zucht

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News of Korallen-Zucht

Thomas Pohl (Manager of Korallen-Zucht))
Monta (General Manager of SeaSun aquarium)

The best salt in the world.

Korallen-Zucht is a quality product. By Thomas Pohl is a professional. He researching filtering systems from are widely used common Refugium System. He discovers that is experiencing allergic Tannin is excreted from algae grown in the Refugium filter. Although this chemical can eliminated by GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) , but rather think that it is better not to have?

So he invented it. Filter System unwanted algae, but use the Bio Systems is a water treatment. Which he already discovered that substances to eliminate ammonia as well. Also do not affect any coral rock is volcano rock called Zeolite species are divided into two types at the Lab and on the type of raw nature.

Types of raw natural stone such as Pumice, which will not immediately reduce the ammonia but porous enough to house's bacteria. This type of stone is no different to putting broken coral. Therefore need to take into Lab coating confidential. For this reason, products that are different from other brands.

After he has staghorn coral nursery is successful and is accepted. He has partnership with Regina Schafer who produced a large investment. To the product under the name Korallen-Zucht.

Filtration systems. As reliable as it is clearly the result. Many people call it was like the new system ZEOVit Systems by product name.

Later he make koi fish market. Which still have a few product. After we recommend koi farms use. Feed back praised a lot. Expected that soon the competition koi to be established next.

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